Ms. Roberts


Ms. Kallie joined Little Steps Preschool for our first school year back in September 2013. She has grown along with the program and joins us in her fifth year as Lead Teacher. Ever since Ms. Kallie was a little girl, she knew she always wanted to become a teacher. Her passion, dedication and love for teaching, make her a perfect fit for Little Steps Preschool. She has an Early Learning and Child Care Diploma from Mount Royal University as well as she brings ten years experience working with children and their families in a variety of different settings.


She is dedicated to the children’s growth, development and education. She looks forward to joining the children’s first school experience and making a positive difference in their lives. Her goal in the classroom is to create positive relationships with the children and their families while maintaining a positive, safe environment. 

Ms. Leah


My name is Leah Laduke.  I am happily married with two sons.  I ran a dayhome for 15 years before coming to Little Steps.  I knew if I gave up my dayhome I needed to be involved  with children still.  Firstly, I worked At Little Steps BAC then part time at the Preschool.  Very excited to be at Little Steps Preschool full time as I feel preschool is such an important and exciting experience for children.  I love being part of this process in being part of a childs early development.  I also love connecting with children and getting tom know them and their families.